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We have a large stock of adjustable steel builders’ trestles or otherwise know as bandstands available to purchase. These are mainly used with wooden scaffold boards or planks within the building trade to create a safe and sturdy working platform for painters, plasterers and bricklayers when working at general unreachable heights. They offer the user easy access and movability within a safe environment.

Known for their durability and reliability so you can work at heights without the worry of safety and access issues. These trestles are all independently and fully tested to industry standards and have been coated with a deep red high-quality powder that offers protection again corrosion and rusting.

We have three different sizes of builder trestles available and these are measured in their adjustment range:

Size 1: £19.00 per builder trestle
Length: minimum from 470mm to 645mm (0.47m – 0.64m)
Weight: 7.2 kg

Size 2: £22.00 per builder trestle
Length: from 730mm up to 1200mm (0.73m – 1.2 metre)
Weight: 9.1kg

Size 3: £25.00 per builder trestle
Length: 1035mm to a maximum of 1675mm (1.35m – 1.67 metre)
Weight: 10.5kg

These sizes are wide enough to hold four standard scaffold boards for creating a working platform.

Our minimum quantity orders apply to have our trestles delivered:

We have a minimum quantity order that must be met before we can offer you delivery of our builders’ trestles. Please get in touch with our sales team and let them know the size of trestle you require, your quantity and your location. We will then confirm if you are eligible for our trestle delivery service or if you order is too small to fulfil.


Our approx. builders’ trestle specifications:

•    3 adjustment lengths: sizes 1, 2 and 3 as above.
•    Width: 824mm.
•    Depth: 613mm.
•    Material: Carbon steel.

Key trestle features:

•    Lightweight.
•    Easy to manoeuvre.
•    Weather proof.
•    Easily transported
•    Stackable.

Other scaffolding products to complement our builders’ trestles:

•    New and used boards in sizes 13ft, 10ft and 8ft.
•    Scaffold poles.
•    Lightweight alloy staging.
•    Trestle handrail systems.

If you would like to purchase any of our adjustable builders’ trestles, you need to add the quantity and the size to the shopping basket, add your contact details and also your name and delivery address and one of our sales team will get back to you with a delivery charge and the next available date we can deliver.











Builders Trestles
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