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Corrugated iron sheets or CI sheets as they can sometimes be called are a temporary solution for roofing, they can be used to cover any type of building. The type of corrugated iron sheeting we sell are a popular choice to use with scaffold companies when erecting a temporary roofing structure, the framework is made up of steel scaffold tube with the corrugated sheets placed on top of the scaffold (at a slight tilt) as a metal roof. These corrugated metal roofing sheets then offer protection from the elements so whatever the temporary roof is around is dry and work can continue.

The corrugated roof sheets we have in stock have an extended life span and this is due to being made from galvanised steel which has anti rust and corrosion properties, there is also little need to maintain this particular type of metal CI sheet and they also do not need to be drilled together when creating a roof area, this type of iron sheet can be fastened together with a roofing coupler fitting that securely fits the sheets together.

Our steel corrugated roof sheets are perfect for temporary use on:

  • Small outhouses or sheds.
  • Garages.
  • Agricultural buildings.
  • Warehouse units.
  • Homes that need waterproofing.

Our minimum order quantity for our 8ft corrugated sheets:

In order to be eligible for delivery, you do have to order a minimum quantity of these iron CI sheets. For this particular item, YOU WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE A MINIMUM QTY OF x6 CORRUGATED ROOF SHEETS. If you would like assistance in working out your minimum quantity, please contact a member of our sales team.


Our approximate specifications for our corrugated steel sheeting:

  • Length: 2.4m (8ft).
  • Width: 0.9m. (35 inches).
  • Thickness: 25g (gauge).
  • Corrugation width: 3 inches between each.
  • Material: Galvanised steel.

Key features for these CI sheets:

  • Simple to install.
  • Weather proof.
  • Strong and tough.
  • They can be reused many times over.
  • Easy to stack and transport.
  • Need no maintenance.
Other materials to complement our stock of CI sheet:
  • New scaffolding tube in various sizes.
  • Used and new boards in sizes 13ft, 10ft and 8ft.
  • CI sheet lifting clamp.
  • Roofing coupler (known as wriggles in the trade).
  • Debris netting.

If you wish to purchase our 8ft corrugated iron sheets please add the quantity you want to buy to your shopping cart, add a few details including your delivery postcode and we will get back to you with our price for delivery on our sheeting and our next available slot.

Corrugated Sheets
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