Scaffold boards and timber planks for sale

Buy new and used timber scaffold boards that can be delivered to your home and that has many different purposes. Each high quality board that we have for sale can be used for raised beds, fences, shelving, decking, flooring and much more. Lots of different people, including DIYers, landscapers and gardeners, come to us in the knowledge that they can buy a robust scaffold plank in various different sizes and all at a low cost. Our planks are particularly useful on garden allotments to separate sections of the land and act as enduring paths for wheelbarrows.

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We provide a wide range of board, in a number of different lengths. A used plank is an effective way of obtaining solid pieces of timber for different types of small projects. Their use is virtually limitless around the home and garden. While some of our products are second hand, we certainly wouldn’t regard them as old, especially with the number of checks that they go through before being sold to our customers.

We provide a standard plank length of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 13 feet (0.6 to 4 metres) but are also happy to cut to size. Most of our scaffolding planks are 9 inches (225mm) wide and 1.5 inches (38mm) thick but we do offer boards previously used for quick stage scaffolds that have dimensions of 8 feet (2.4 metres) long by 2 to 2.5 inches (51 to 63mm). We have found that other companies come to us for supplies of scaffold planks for their own scaffold structures or builder trestles but we’re also very popular with those who want to transform their gardens or fence off property.

Our scaffold boards may be used but they have been fully treated to prolong their life expectancy. We only procure scaffolding planks that has been dipped in a clear liquid treatment called Osmose Nature wood as soon as they have been sawn from logs. When they reach the factory, they are cut to the required length and have metal bands secured to the ends to prevent them from splitting.

Any timber plank that we offer that have been treated with fire retardant chemicals to fully comply with TG10 regulations and have been tested to ensure that they are strong and robust.

While some companies still use the more traditional practice of nailing the bands to the brand new scaffold boards, most will operate pressing machines to secure the bands for the sake of efficiency and cost. Either way, you can be sure that any second hand plank you buy from us has been professionally prepared and will give you years of service.

You can also be reassured that our scaffolding planks are made from selected white wood pine based timber and are approved by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, which is the world’s largest forest certification organization. You can buy from us and be confident that the timber has come from sustainable sources. We know that this is important to many of our customers so we go out of our way to find only the best and most reputable plank suppliers.

Of course, you’ll also want any timber plank you buy from us to be hard wearing and long lasting. Every board we sell will have the British Standard Kite mark and show the mark BS:2482:2009 on the metal band, which is the standard reference for scaffold boards in the UK. This proves that our any scaffold plank you purchase from us will be durable and strong enough for most DIY or garden projects.

How you can save money by buying second hand or a used scaffold board

Don’t be concerned that you are buying a used or reclaimed scaffold plank. We inspect every board after every job as part of our robust quality control exercises. If any board show any signs of splitting, decay or warping, they are immediately discarded. Of course, we don’t believe in being wasteful – particularly with a precious resource like timber – so we’ll cut them to make use of the solid parts and re-band them or use them as a sole board.

It’s very important that this work is undertaken carefully to display the maximum safe spans of the shortened board. This means that our customers can select the right products for the use they have in mind. We’re also able to reuse some boards that have split ends with nail plates, so long as they continue to meet the requirements of BS 2482-1. We apply the same exacting standards to the sale of our planks to meet any current health and safety obligations.

Alternatively, we can offer a new type of scaffold board that is made of a recyclable polymer composite material. They are stronger, lighter and more durable than a traditional timber plank and come in lengths of 6 feet (1.8 metres), 8 feet (2.4 metres), 10 feet (3 metres) and 13 feet (4 metres). They have a standard thickness of 1.5 inches (38mm) and are used on building sites but more often in industrial or chemical plants. They have a good grip so will provide you with safe footing and won’t absorb water so you can safely leave them to the ravages of the British weather. Of course, there’s no risk of splinters so they can also be more useful if children will often be nearby.

Whatever type of board you would like, why not check out our cheap prices before considering buying new timber? We’re sure that we can save you a small fortune and offer you a product that delivers high quality and versatility. We’re happy to provide advice and recommend the right type of scaffold boards for your project and answer any questions that you may have about weight bearing and span.

Please give us a call if you would like to know more.