Scaffold Tower

What are scaffold towers?

An access scaffold tower is a movable lightweight unit which can be used internally and externally and is a popular solution for anyone needing to safely obtain access to unreachable areas. These types of secure mobile units can be used where a ladder or working from the ground is no longer possible.

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Mobile scaffolding towers can be built up quickly and are ideal for anyone wanting temporary access to multiple areas. Our towers are made of strong aluminium and are a versatile piece of gear, they have the capabilities to be raised or lowered to suit your working needs and can be disassembled and stored with ease. The access towers we supply have various components to make them a safe and moveable working platform.

When you purchase a scaffold access tower from us you will get the following:

  • Wheel castors.
  • Brace hooks.
  • Hooks for the platform.
  • Clips for toe boards.
  • Floating spigot and locking clips.
  • Collar casting.
  • Aluminium platforms with non-slip surface.
  • Ladder (internal).
  • Stabiliser bar.
  • Platform latch.

Please note all of the above components are an integral part of the tower and must be used in relation to the assembly manual. If you are regularly working at heights that do not necessarily need fixed steel scaffold erected, then this type of lightweight moveable access tower would be a great investment as it can be used time and time again.

***You must arrange for a qualified professional to erect any style of aluminium scaffold tower and you must ensure once assembled its is inspected on a regular basis. ***

Why are your aluminium towers the best?

The scaffolding towers we supply are known for being one of the top sellers in the world and they have been made using the latest in laser cut and welding technology. They are manufactured and adhere to British and European standards (BS1004: 2004 and EN1004:2004). We can offer our customers a range of single (1.8m) and double width (2.5m) towers with a huge selection of heights from 2.2m to 11.7m to suit your particular requirements. Our scaffolding towers are safe, secure and flexible if used in the correct manner.

What can your mobile towers be used for?

Construction – great for using on building and construction sites.

Maintenance – repairing walls and lights, etc.

Installation – installing windows or guttering.

Painting – internal and external walls, stairwells and ceilings.

Repairs – any kind of repair at height.

Repointing – brickwork.

Garden – accessing out buildings, sheds, trees and bushes.

Our safety tips for using the towers we sell.

When using a movable access tower, safety is a top priority and below are some simple safety tips to remember:

  • Never attempt to use this product in high winds (PASMA recommends ceasing work on scaffolding towers when winds reach and exceed 17mph).
  • Do not use these items as a support for any other access equipment for example ladders or trestles etc.
  • If there are any parts of the tower that are missing, or any parts faulty then you should NEVER EVER work from it.
  • If you need to move the tower around, ensure the height is reduced beforehand.
  • Ensure you are not near any power lines or any type of overhead obstruction when moving these products.
  • Always make sure the ground you are placing the scaffold tower on is level and solid.
  • Please do not attempt to move a tower whilst a person or materials are on the working area.
  • Ensure the wheel breaks are on at all times when the tower is stationary.
  • Never climb the outside of the tower to access the top platform, these products are not designed to be accessed that way. You should always access scaffold towers in the appropriate way.

For more information on “Good code of practice” you can download a copy from PASMA. (Prefabricated access suppliers and manufacturers association).

Do we hire?

We only currently have towers to purchase out right and unfortunately do not provide a hire service.

I am not sure what type of tower I need?

We do offer a very large selection of access platforms and scaffold towers and it can be a little confusing as to which one would be more suited for you. Why not call our sales team who will be able to guide you through and help you select the correct width and size? We advise our customers that it is vitally important that your chose the correct height to ensure you get maximum safety and productivity.

What is a 3T tower system

This is a process that is used in relation to fall protection on mobile towers. 3T stands for “Through the Trapdoor” and is one of the appropriate methods of erecting a moveable scaffold tower and putting the installer at minimum risk. This is a recommended safe process and if you are not aware of this procedure and you are responsible for building such towers it is worth obtaining training to ensure it has been erected safely.

Buy online

If you are a regular user of mobile scaffold towers and want to escape the monthly rental costs, then why not invest in purchasing a aluminium scaffolding tower today? Contact our sales team who will guide you in choosing the correct product for you and advise you on our transport charges. Purchasing a mobile access scaffold tower will help you save money in the long run.

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