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Security and Temporary fences for sale

If you are looking for a quick metal temporary fencing solution, then our portable security fences below may provide the answer.

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Other uses:

These types of metal fencing (also known as Heras fences) are typically for outdoor use and have become a popular choice for anyone needing to fence off areas or to create a secure area, many of our customers use this steel temporary fencing solution for the following:

  • Construction sites.
  • Outdoor events, for example sporting events, marathons.
  • To store equipment.
  • Protection fence for livestock.
  • Crowd control at music festivals.
  • Creating partitions.
  • Forming a perimeter at major events.

This type of portable fence panel is extremely reliable as a security fencing system as they are anti-climb and are great value for money as once purchased they can be used time and time again due to its durability.

You will find in store we have two types of security fencing panel for sale and available to purchase online – they are the steel square top panel or the round top security panel. The only stark difference between these two is that the metal round top security fence is made using continuous tube around the edge that the mesh is fixed into and the square top fence has 2 x tubes going vertically and 1 horizontal which are welded together at the top to support the mesh. Both metal security fences are made anti climb which a great feature for keeping things secure and both are weather resistant.

When purchasing our metal fences, you also need to take into consideration that you will need rubber feet plus clips to connect the panels to build the fence. Typically, you will need 2 feet for every panel and 2 clips to be fitted to the top and bottom of the adjoining panels. We also stock pedestrian gates, vehicle gates and security stabilisers if needed.

Discount packages for 2019

We also have kit packages available in store where you can buy temporary panels, feet and connecting clips together and receive a discount. Our minimum packages start with 50x fence panels and then the accessories to go with these panels however you can buy less than this but the panels, feet and clips will be charged at our normal rate.


We only offer a delivery service and these items CANNOT BE COLLECTED FROM OUR DEPOT however we do deliver our steel temporary fences and accessories to most of the UK. Charges do vary depending on where you are in the United Kingdom and also the quantity you require. Minimum order quantities also apply and for more information please look on the individual product pages.

Galvanised and SmartWeld 100

To stop rust occurring all of our portable temporary fences are galvanised with a zinc coat which offers secure protection against weather damage and complies to the British standard EN 10244-2.  Our fence panels have been manufactured using the SmartWeld 100 process which gives each panel extra stability and durability. Each panel has the mesh infill middle welded to the outer frame.

Installing the fencing system

It is vital when installing your metal temporary fencing that you have the right number of connectors and feet to ensure your system is stable and safe. This type of fencing has not been created for permanent use, so it should not be bolted or cemented to the ground. We sell the following that should be used along side the panels to create a safe and secure temporary fencing system:

  • Rubber fencing blocks with a stabilised design.
  • Fence couplers to join the panels together made from carbon steel.
  • Anti-tamper lockable fence couplers that can be tightened with a locking spanner.
  • Heavy duty carbon steel stabiliser soil pin to keep your panels secure.
  • Fence backstay stabilisers to provide additional stability to the panels.
Vehicle Gate
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