Below is detailed information on the weight, length, thickness and width of different types of scaffolding planks

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Timber made scaffold boards are used for scaffolding structures and are positioned along the length of the scaffolding lifts to make a safe working platform. You can purchase various types of scaffold boards that are either made from high quality timber, plastic or even steel that has been galvanised. All of the boards we sell are certified by FSC and sustainably sourced.

We are often asked about our board’s specifications by our customers. We understand that knowing the exact size, weight and overall specification of a scaffold plank is important to you when working out quantities for a project or ensuring you are buying the correct type of board to use.

Below you will find comprehensive details and information of all the different boards we have available to buy.


Please note that the weight of each board could vary slightly due to possible water content.

Grade A Dimensions

Our most popular board is the Grade A board. These are visually graded for quality to a manufacturer’s standard. A single board has a thickness of 38mm along with a width of 225mm and have bands on each end.

Made from: European Whitewood timber

Compliant to:  BS2482 British standards

You can purchase these boards in various length including 13ft, 10ft and 8ft. Grade A boards have a support span of 1.2m max.

Length and weight of each grade A board:

13ft (3.9m) – 19.00kg
10ft (3.0m) – 14.62kg
8ft (2.4m) – 11.69kg
6ft (1.8m) – 8.77kg
5ft (1.5m) – 7.31kg

BSI standard board (Target span 1.2m) dimensions

These boards are a better grade than A and also comply with British standards BS 2482. Again, these planks have the standard 38mm thickness and have a width of 225mm. These boards are available in various sizes from 5ft to 13ft. The boards will be graded either visually or by machine and will have the BS information stamped on to the band at the end of every board.

You will find the following details on the metal band:

  • The British standard code along with the manufacture year – for example BS 2482: 2009.
  • The supplier identification mark.
  • M or V to confirm if the planks have been machine of visually graded.
  • Finally, the target span in metres with the word support.

The weight and length for BSI 1.2m span boards are:

13ft (3.9m) – 19.00kg
10ft (3.0m) – 14.62kg
8ft (2.4m) – 11.69kg
6ft (1.8m) – 8.77kg
5ft (1.5m) – 7.31kg

BSI 1.5m span dimensions

These boards are of a slightly higher grade than the 1.2m target span standard planks but also comply with the British standard BS2482. The have a standard width of 225mm along with a thickness of 38mm. You can buy these boards from us in lengths including 13ft and as small as a 5ft.

On the metal bands at each end of the board you will see the following British standard coding:

  • The British standard number and the year of manufacture.
  • The identification mark of the supplier.
  • The letter M to verify that the board has been graded via machine.
  • Then the relevant target span in metres in this case 1.5m

The weight and length for BSI standard boards are:

13ft (3.9m) – 19.00kg
10ft (3.0m) – 14.62kg
8ft (2.4m) – 11.69kg
6ft (1.8m) – 8.77kg
5ft (1.5m) – 7.31kg

Flame retardant board dimensions

Also available upon request we sell the flame-retardant scaffolding boards. These boards have been pre-treated with flame retardants using special techniques that push these chemicals into the structure of the wood.

These particular planks are made to BS EN 13501-1 standards which can also be known as Class C or Class B. Upon request we can supply you with a certificate or conformity of treatment.

Fire retardant board length and weight:

13ft (3.9m) – 19.00kg
10ft (3.0m) – 14.62kg
8ft (2.4m) – 11.69kg
6ft (1.8m) – 8.77kg
5ft (1.5m) – 7.31kg

Supadeck – plastic board dimensions

These can also be ordered direct from our suppliers. Our plastic scaffold boards actually have a slightly longer life than the traditional wooden boards and offer better resistance to water, decay and substances.

These planks come in different lengths and are all 45mm in thickness and 225mm in width.

Length and Weight of the plastic boards:

13ft (3.9m) – 16.00kg
10ft (3.0m)- 12.30kg
8ft (2.4m) – 9.85kg
6ft (1.8m) – 7.38kg
5ft (1.5m) – 6.15kg

Galvanised steel board dimensions

These boards can be ordered in on request. Our steel scaffold boards conform to British and European standards BS EN 12811. They have been made from top quality galvanised steel. These boards are 225mm wide and 38mm in thickness. They are primarily used instead of the customary timber scaffold planks.

The steel boards are also fire retardant and long lasting. They could be more suited to tough environments.

Length and weight of our galvanised steel boards:

13ft (3.9m) – 22.10kg
10ft (3.0m)- 17.00kg
8ft (2.4m) – 13.60kg
6ft (1.8m) – 10.20kg
5ft (1.5m) – 8.50kg

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If you require any other information or need extra clarification regarding our scaffold board dimensions, then please do not hesitate to contact us and our friendly staff will be able to help you with your query.

Scaffold Board Dimensions
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